Renewable energy solutions
EnergiSoft management system
Other Features:
n Advanced Alarms & Events System
n Basic Logic Engine - Language Scripting
n Integrated Multimedia Control & Monitoring
n Professional Reporting system
n Integrated Transparent Networking
n Developer Created Dynamic Graphics and Animation
n Object Oriented Graphics
n Recipes and Batches
n Simultaneous support of 255 communication protocols on one computer
n User Configured and Scheduled Automatic Actions
Minimum System Requirement:
Processor        1.5 Ghz  1.0 Ghz

Hard Disk         >20 GB  >2 GB

Memory           >256 MB  > 256 MB

Operating    Windows XPWindows XP

System      Windows 2000Windows 98

Server   Window 2000 Windows NT4.0

Database   SQL compliance (Informix,
                  ORACLE, SQLServer...)
                  Or MS Access (.mdb file)
                  with share folder available 
                  in network to access by all
                  Energysoft - Plus users.
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