EnergiSoft - Modules:
energiSoft - Manager:
Facilities easy management Of Energy Consumption, Maximum Demand And Power Factor. Monitoring Energy Consumption Data can be monitored based on Product Line / Work Station / Plant i.e. Individual Monitoring. Current Trends for all Energy Data can be viewed & the required Alarms  & Type Of Alarm i.e. SMS/Email, Audible/Visible can be set for peak values.

energiSoft - Plus:

Client Application provides Remote Access through LAN or Internet to the User

energiSoft Monitor:

SCADA provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) for various Energy Meters to be monitored. It presents overall view of Energy Consumption based on User Requirements as follows: Real-Time And Historical Data for the  parameters such as Current, Voltage, Maximum Demand, Power-Factor and other important Electrical Parameter Status.

energiSoft Controller:

SCADA consists of over 100 popular PLC Drivers and Communicates with all major controller and able to send information to other Hardware Devices or Mimic Panels, Etc. It provides Alarms, Setpoint Settings And Recipe Management. also provides Software Interfaces DDE, Excel Interface And ODBC
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